Why you should not perform electricity work by yourself?

Electrician in North Shore Auckland

It’s possible that you decided to try out some arts and crafts after watching an online video about them as a DIY project. Electrical fixes are not considered to be do-it-yourself projects because making a mistake could result in serious consequences or accidents. Electrical work can be challenging and quite risky.

There are many explanations for why you should only entrust expert electricians in north shore Auckland to do your electrical work.

Here are a few explanations why you shouldn’t attempt to perform electrical work alone.

Hazard of fire

The potential for fire also exists when performing your own electrical repairs. Even after you’ve finished your own electrical work, improperly installed wires might produce sparks and start fires. You damage the interior of your wall; at worst, a house fire causes you to lose everything. The risk of a fire can be completely eliminated by hiring a licensed electrician in Auckland to properly wire your property.

Issues with inspection

Before they can be used, all electrical components in a home must pass inspection, which is a requirement of do-it-yourself electrical repair that is typically disregarded.

Failure to have an electrical repair assessed might result in a significant fine in addition to posing a risk. You can be confident that every electrical repair will pass city inspection if you use a qualified electrician in north shore Auckland.

Unknown Electrical Risks

Walls include a lot of electrical components, and chances are you don’t know their specific schematics. There may be risks associated with hidden connections. If the cables leading to the junction boxes are tampered with, you risk receiving an electric shock.

Another location that might result in an electric shock is the attic. To prevent mishaps, electricians purposefully conceal these cables. Electrocution will occur when you strike them while working on a project at home.

Electrical Shock

Working with electricity also carries the potential risk of electric shock. Professional electricians are equipped with specialised gear, years of training, and experience that allow them to work safely while doing electrical repairs in your house.

One second of carelessness or a minor error is all it takes to cause a harmful electric shock. DIY electrical repairs are not recommended due to the danger of electric shock.

You can be confident that every electrical repair will pass city inspection if you use a qualified electrician in the North Shore.

Future costly repairs

Making “minor” mistakes is likely if you are not a licensed electrician. Some of the short treatments could resolve the immediate problem but create other ones. Electrical errors are not minor mishaps, and the long-term effects will be too expensive.

DIY projects sometimes entail trial and error, which can be dangerous when working with electricity. Any electrical job might be hazardous if the electrical circuit and wiring are not understood.


It is always preferable to get professionals to handle your electrical issues, whether they are little or serious. A skilled electrician in north shore Auckland is always the best choice for your electrical problems.

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