TV Aerial Installation & Repairs Auckland


Wisdom Ltd is in installation and servicing of UHF Aerial and Satellite dish, Low TV Reception, LNB Replacement, Analogue to Digital TV Aerial, TV tuning, Additional TV outlets, Freeview for Domestic and Commercial Buildings, Extension to multiple rooms, Amplification and Distribution System, Freeview box installation digital (Satellite and Freeview HD) TV reception systems, whether you are building a new house and need it pre cabled, have an existing house that needs a new TV aerial installed or alterations to the existing system, or you simply need someone to setup and tune your new TV.

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  • Commercial and Domestic electrical works
  • House rewiring
  • Sockets and outlets
  • Lighting and design
  • Mains switchboards
  • Distribution board upgrades
  • Power factor correction systems
  • Testing and Tagging
  • LED lighting
  • Solar panel installation and maintenance
  • LED Lighting Upgrades
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • UHF Aerial and satellite dish installation
  • Low TV Reception
  • LNB Replacement
  • Analogue to Digital TV Aerial
  • TV tuning
  • Extra TV outlets
  • Freeview for Domestic and Commercial Buildings
  • Extension to multiple rooms
  • Amplification and Distribution System
  • Freeview box installation

TV Aerial Installation & Repairs North Shore

Proper installation of your TV aerial is utterly crucial for a good TV viewing experience. Any issues regarding the installation process can lead to severe inconvenience while watching important news or your favourite shows. Clearly, the job needs to be carried out by a TV aerial installation professional with the right experience and equipment.

At Wisdom Electrical, we offer quick, convenient, and reliable TV aerial installations in North Shore and surrounding areas. Whether you want the installation service for your residential or commercial property, our services will easily fit your needs.

With a substantial understanding of aerial systems and TV signals, we provide installation services that need minimal maintenance.

TV Aerial Installation & Repairs East Auckland

Finding a qualified and reliable TV Aerial installation service for your home or office’s TV setup is important for optimum signal strength and uninterrupted viewing. At Wisdom Electrical, we offer seamless TV aerial installation services for residential and commercial properties in Auckland.

With the right experience, an in-depth knowledge and the latest tools & technology, we promise to provide you with the top-quality installation. Also, if you have doubts while choosing the aerial brand, we can help you with that as well.

Our staff is highly-trained and experienced at dealing with all types of TV aerial installation and maintenance requirements.

TV Aerial Installation & Repairs South Auckland

TV aerial installation and repairing requirements need to be handled by professionals. Whether you are looking at installing a new TV aerial system for your home or office, or searching for a service that can repair your existing aerial system, Wisdom Electrical can fulfil all your requirements.

Our highly trained and experienced staff holds years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining TV aerial systems across South Auckland. Apart from this, we also believe in the comfort of our customers. As the TV aerial installation and repair procedures can turn out to be messy, we try to occupy the least amount of space, delivering the required service at the earliest possible. Also, our installation and repair services are quick, clean, convenient and reasonably priced.

To have the best TV aerial technicians of Auckland set up or repair your TV aerial system, give us a call today.