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    Our minimum emergency call out charge is $340 + GST which includes the first three hours of work.

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    COVID-19 Alert Level 3 – All Electrical Services Are Available!

    We are able to resume normal services under Alert Level 3. All electrical installation, fault finding & repair work can be carried out.

    Our team members are fully vaccinated and will make sure to adhere to all health & safety and physical distancing protocols to ensure the safety of you and your family

    About Us

    Trusted and Local Electrician in Auckland

    Wisdom Ltd. is a registered electrical service provider and signal specialist in New Zealand. We aim to provide our clients with the best electrical repairs, highly skilled engineering, and safe working practices.

    Our passion is to enrich the potential of New Zealand tradespeople by exhibiting their skills and helping them establish a rewarding career.

    Our services are currently available all over Auckland, and if you are looking for professional and skilled electricians, you can call us to hire our renowned Auckland electricians. Our master electricians come to your aid any time of the day. Our technicians have undergone extensive training and are taught by some of the best electricians in Auckland. This makes them the top choice for any electrical work in the region.

    With extensive residential and commercial electrical knowledge, our Auckland electricians ensure that your house is in safe hands. We are there for you for any electrical repair, maintenance, or installation requirements. So, whenever you need master electricians, choose Wisdom Ltd.

    Commercial Electrical Contractors Auckland

    Finding the right registered electrical contractor for your residential or commercial property in Auckland is crucial for proper setup and maintenance. Regardless of the electrical services you are looking for, hiring a qualified, registered electrical contractor will help you keep most of the problems and challenges at bay.

    At Wisdom Electrical, we offer seamless commercial electrical services such as installation, electrical repair, and maintenance for all types of electrical appliances and systems in Auckland.

    Whether you need to set up an electrical wiring system in your new office or repair a hidden fault in your commercial property’s electrical backend, our electrical contractors or registered master electricians can resolve all electrical faults.

    We cover all areas, from electrical repairs and installations to TV signals, Freeview, and IT services. With solid experience, the right understanding, and the latest electrical tools, we promise to provide top-quality electrical services so you do not have to worry about frequent electrical maintenance calls.

    Our Auckland central electricians are well-versed in all electrical maintenance and repairs. We provide satisfactory results by employing the best industry practices.

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    Wisdom Electrical Services

    Are you looking for registered electricians in Auckland who have the appropriate qualifications? Maintaining quality when searching for electrical services that fit your needs and expectations takes time and effort.

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    Our Benefits

    Why Choose Wisdom Electrical


    Qualified and Certified Electrician in Auckland

    Are you seeking a qualified, certified, and one of Auckland’s best-registered master electricians? Finding exemplary electrical service for your needs and expectations can be challenging. You can’t afford to compromise on quality; you don’t want to deal with unnecessary delays, and you don’t want to hand over your important project to inexperienced residential electricians. Moreover, you don’t want to spend an unreasonable amount of money.

    Wisdom Electrical is a leading commercial electrician service in Auckland that fulfils all electrical requirements at reasonable prices. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of electrical systems, TV signals, Freeview, and IT services enable us to deliver unmatched residential and commercial electrical repair service quality for residential or commercial properties in Auckland.

    Plus, we ensure our customers don’t face any discomfort. Our services are quick, clean, convenient, and carried out by highly trained and experienced Auckland central electricians. We provide efficient service and quality advice.

    When you give us a call, a registered Auckland electrician will visit your premises to provide you with quick and efficient, advanced electrical services. Say goodbye to your property’s electrical concerns today.Are you looking for the best-accredited master electrician Auckland? We have you covered. It can be challenging to locate an electrical service, Auckland Central, that meets your requirements and expectations. You must pay more attention to quality and cannot delay crucial repairs. Hence, you should trust something other than an amateur electrician with your project. Furthermore, you should also shell out only what is necessary.

    When it comes to commercial electrical work in Auckland, no one does it better than Wisdom Electrical. We provide unrivalled electrical repair service quality for homes and businesses thanks to our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of electrical systems, TV signals, Freeview, and IT services.

    In addition, we ensure that our clients have no distress. Our central Auckland electricians are highly qualified and skilled and do commercial electrical work quickly, cleanly, and conveniently.

    If you call us, we’ll send a licensed master electrician to your location immediately to take care of any electrical needs you may have. Put all your electrical worries behind you right now. We are the most trusted advanced electrical services.

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    All our vehicles are equipped with EFTPOS machines and we also have option to pay through credit card links

    Do you need a Local Electrician in Auckland? You can depend on us!

    Do you own a business or a house? Having a reliable and skilled local emergency electrician is more than just a perk when you need electrical work done. Wisdom Electricals is here to provide a high-quality, dependable solution for the unique electrical requirements of Auckland’s homes and businesses. Make us your first choice for any electrical work, big or small, in the Auckland area.

    You should have the number of a reliable electrician in your area set in your phone, and that electrician should be well-versed in the regulations and guidelines in effect in Auckland. Wisdom Electricals is pleased to offer customised services to meet your needs. As a neighbourhood electrical service, we emphasise getting to know our customers, meeting their specific demands, and exceeding their expectations. We will deliver the most excellent electrical job in East Auckland and South Auckland.

    Electrical Tester


    We understand the urgency of electrical issues, whether a sudden outage or a malfunction. Our dedicated team will respond to your request promptly and address the matter promptly and systematically. Our services are quick, clean, convenient, and carried out by experienced and skilled Auckland central electricians.

    When you give us a call, our efficient scheduling systems go into action. We prioritise your needs based on the severity of the issue, and our customer care representatives will provide you with an ETA. We offer reliable service for every electrical need, from emergency lighting installation to efficient lighting installation to save money on electricity bills. We offer comprehensive range of electrical repair work with a promise of high quality workmanship and excellent service.

    A registered master electrician will visit your premises as soon as possible to assess the issue and provide quick and efficient electrical services. With Wisdom Electricals, you can now say goodbye to any electrical concerns in West Auckland.

    This is one of the most common queries our team at Wisdom Electricals receives. It is a valid query because knowing the potential costs of electrical installations is critical for planning and budgeting. While the exact amount will vary depending on numerous aspects, a few factors can influence the overall expense.

    The price of wiring a brand-new home will vary greatly depending on its size. Homes with more square footage may have more expensive wiring, outlets, and fixtures. The complexity of the electrical plan also affects the final price. The number of rooms and appliances you have also affects the total wiring cost because more devices require more wiring, outlets, and circuits. Our professional service varies, specially if you are in need of industrial electricians.

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